Skateboard wheel close up

The “Getting Started” Video

“Getting Started” is the title of the first video I did for WashCo. Skate Crew. The whole thing was sort of a mess, but in my eyes it was a necessary mess.

The Idea

My friend and I created the WashCo. Skate Crew as a way to create a presence in the skate scene for ourselves and the friends we rode with. When it comes to making oneself known in the modern skate scene, you need pictures and you need video. We created an Instagram and a YouTube account in order to start building. Instagram was easily filled with pictures we had taken during our many skate sessions but we didn’t really have any full videos, so we dug up all the SD cards of skate footage we had filmed over the years and I got to work.

Regarding the Video

The video itself is very amateur both in editing and filming. Being my first “serious” video, it is better edited than many of my previous projects, but it still displays many mistakes of a newbie. The footage was all filmed with different cameras, at different times of day and year, and in some cases filmed months and in a few cases years apart, so there’s a lot of variation in the footage. Although the video was not the highest quality product we ever produced, it didn’t need to be. The whole point of the video was to serve as an announcement that WashCo. Skate Crew was a thing, and we were gonna start producing skate media, so it didn’t matter that the video itself was little more than a glorified home movie compilation. The title “Getting Started” was indicative of where we were as a group.

The Final Product

WashCo. Skate Crew’s first video: Getting Started