WashCo. Skate Crew


About WashCo.

WashCo. Skate Crew is a skate group that a friend and I formed in 2016. The purpose of the group was to create presence in the skate scene for ourselves and the people we skate with. All of our members had been skating individually for years and we decided that if we were going to launch any sort of semi-pro or pro level careers we would need to make ourselves known. We attend events, organize group rides, and create video content under the WashCo. name. The group is currently rather small but we hope to grow our presence in the local skate scene and beyond.


WashCo. Skate Crew’s full length videos can be found on the group’s YouTube channel, while short clips and pictures can be found on Instagram. Most videos we make are skate edits that focus on filming riding, though we have made a few gear-talk videos with the intention of making more in the future.


Our riders have attended the Central Mass Skate Festival in Massachusetts both as race competitors and as filmers, and we hope to attend this event and more in months and years to come. In addition to attending events we have been looking into hosting races or skate events locally as well.